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Tiger Goalkeeping Academy (TGA) is the ultimate goalkeeper development program with locations in both the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo areas of Michigan. Through advanced training methods and scientific data, we allow goalkeepers to find their own identity and develop within the fives areas of the position; technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological. TGA's vision is to create the most professional environment possible for all goalkeepers to develop, explore and strive towards their goals.

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Senaptec Sensory Training

Sensory training helps you process the game more efficiently. With faster processing and reaction time, the goalkeeper will have more time to read the ball and make the save. 

Enhanced perception span helps you recognize patterns so you can respond quicker, multiple object tracking keeps you aware of all players on the field and their movements, and faster reaction time gives you the ability to make the right movement at the right time. For these skills and much more, sensory training is a game changer.


"The Senaptec eyewear has allowed me to increase my hand-eye coordination and improve my reaction time. These glasses help me train in a way that I've never been able to before."
~ Michelle Betos, Professional GK - Gotham FC

Academy Staff

TGA's top directors, Chris and Garrett, are the leading academy staff that are responsible for both on-and-off field development and curriculum.

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  • What's the difference between Academy and Elite training?
    Tiger Goalkeeping Institute is a company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, we provide training locations in areas of West-Michigan, Mid-Michigan and Chicagoland of Illinois.
  • What are the Academy training time periods?
    Each event's Refund Policy is stated on the information section of it's Upper Hand registration link. Please review your policy before contacting us! Please reach out to to request a refund or make-up session.
  • What is the benefit of joining the Academy?
  • What is Senaptec?
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